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Version: Unreal World 3.63, Linux/Steam build, unmodded

What happens: I have a tame reindeer doe that can happily lift 150lbs in slender trunks, but I get "Burden of X is too much for Reiny to carry!" messages after packing on variety of small light items, such as feathers or dried meats.

What's expected: Reindeer and other animals can carry the same weight, regardless of what that's composed of.

Notes: It appears the reindeer can only carry 20 inventory entries, and once they're filled it can't take any more. This makes it poorly suited for keeping my inventory clear of miscellany, such as feathers, small furs, food, cords, and tools. ;(

I've made a snapshot of my save which I can provide upon request.

Edit: Many folks have mentioned the item limit is by design, but that design decision is not exposed to the player, as there's no difference in message between exceeding the item limit or the weight limit.

Having separate messages for each ("That is too heavy for X to carry" vs "You can't find a way to organise that many items on X"), or having the animal inventory display how many slots remained, would make it clear which limit is being reached.
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Not a bug, more of an observation.
An NPC's inventory list has a limited number of slots. This is by design. Slots are additional limits combined with burden weight.
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Yes, as Privateer commented, the number of slots for NPCs and craft is limited, with the PC having a much larger stack carrying capacity.
Thus, you need to reverse your strategy and have your beasts of burden carry the heavy stuff, while your character carries the numerous but light weight stacks. The same goes for craft.
You can also use dogs to carry stuff.

It can be noted that you should generally carry as little as possible, as encumbrance penalties are severe both when crafting anything that takes some effort, and when fighting.


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Suggestion reply marathon | Oct 2019 - Mar 2020

"Have animals/pets have the same unique item limit that a player has. Currently animals have a ~20 unique item limit and you’ll receive a “Burden of x is too much for “animal name” to carry!” despite having weight/load capacity left."

We've imagined pack animals being used for carrying carefully selected items. Some slender trunks and bags of rye, maybe dozen of furs, and pile of meat. I'm aware that if they are used as walking general stores the limit is hit. However, expanding animal data is bound to take place somewhere in the future, but needs to be linked with other animal structure related overhauls.  The actual timing can't be predicted.
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Thanks everyone. I've updated my report to suggest ways this design decision could be communicated to the player, rather than reporting a load as being "too heavy" when it's really "too complex".