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I hire one adventurer from the village closest to me (around 5 km), after explore the wildness for quite some time, I take him to my settlement and pay him with tons of turnips. The problem is, after dismissing him, he still wander inside my fence (I had a wall of fence surrounding my settlement) and even break into my house, pathing problem I guess. I don't want to kill him so I command him to leave (by choosing the "go away! this is my settlement" option in conversation) and this guy leave in no time. Months later, I go to that village again and cannot find this adventurer in village but nobody appeared to be sad if he really is died in wildness. Anyone know where this adventurer might go?

Another weird thing happened is human footprints I found often abruptly discontinued. One time I saw a grey-clothing human figure in an open mire and went to investigate, turn out I only found 2 fresh human footprint on the snow. Later I hired another adventurer, paid him in my settlement, told him to leave, and the next day I tried to track where did this adventurer go, only found that his footprints abruptly discontinued around 10 meters outside my fences. I have my tracking skill at master level (90+), weather was good, snow was deep and I checked surrounding tiles of the last footprints and found nothing. Why is this happening?


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Hirelings often have trouble getting back to their villages. I've had cases (earlier versions) where I've encountered bands of dismissed hirelings in the wilderness months after they were dismissed.

The footprint issue has to do with tile maintenance, I think.

Tom H

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 :D I let a Companion go some days back and now I keep seeing him in the vicinity of my cabin. When I check for tracks I find many felled trees that I know were not there before.

Today, I found very fresh tracks and followed them. When I got close I was told that I could hear someone shouting 'I need a tool to butcher this...'. lol. When I found him, it was the guy that had left me. He had no knife at all so I gave him my broad knife, with which he immediately started to butcher the bird carcass he was standing on. If I ever get a big bull, I'll have a lot of trees to carry home. The guy just keeps chopping them down.


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Some updates on the footprint issue.
It's still winter, I was patrolling around my my base and found tons of human footprints on the snow. Most of it were old but several footprints appeared to be very fresh and it provoked me a lot. I nervously search around those fresh footprints in circle and hope to find which direction the guy was heading. This method works every time in tracking animal but this time it failed. I only found other old footprints on ground and those very fresh footprints scattered here and there among those old footprints. Is the person were jumped out from thin air and magically teleport to elsewhere?

I do have a successful experience in tracking another human and it is totally different from this time. In the previous encounter, the human was walking more or less linear, just like animals. And this time, the human is apparently walking in circle like a drunk, stepping in a around 10*10 zoom in tiles area again and again, occasionally leave some tracks outside the central mess but eventually return to the center.

I am starting to wander if tracking on human footprints somehow bugged. Or maybe just my real life tracking skill check failed? lol