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« on: July 31, 2020, 05:27:38 PM »
I'm around 20 hours in, and I'm in the middle of a challenging winter.

I've attempted smoking around 7 fish, but each has spoiled instantly after preparation. I read an old post saying smoked food required fire only during preparation--is that no longer the case, or is chance of success tied to cookery?

Winter feels like an arms race except with warmth instead of munitions.


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Fire was changed in the latest version, and that includes smoking. Smoking now requires a daily fire of some size (I don't think the exact requirements have been figured out yet). If you're marginal you'll get some worsening of the result, and as the fires get smaller and more intermittent you lose more and more.

However, if it's winter you can dry fish instead. It takes longer but results in a somewhat lighter preserved piece of food with less work. Drying only works during the colder portion of the year, but you're told when trying to initiate it if it's out of season (you won't just find that everything spoiled).


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