Topic: [3.63] Villagers will suggest items that are too low-value to be bartered  (Read 163 times)


« on: July 28, 2020, 11:48:35 AM »
Version: Unreal World 3.63, Linux/Steam build, unmodded

What happens: Villagers can suggest an item in trade, but then declare it 'unworthy' when you offer it to them.

What's expected: Villagers only suggest items they're willing to accept.

How discovered:
  • In a village with neutral reputation, trading for a dried pike
  • Offered two rough arrows, was told I'm "just a few more things away"
  • Ask "What of my items you'd prefer in this trade?" and be told "It's hard to decide, but how about your fistful of crowberries?"
  • Offer my fistful of crowberries, and be told "That crowberries is unworthy in this barter".
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Tom H

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I've found that when it says 'that cut of roasted elk', or in your case a handful of berries, which it then declares unworthy, it really requires TWO cuts or two handfuls of berries or two roasted perch, etc.