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So considering that roleplaying is always more fun way to play games such as these one, I was wondering what are you guys doing when roleplaying?

Heres the few ideas from me, When I smoke meat in some village I always leave part of meat as payment for giving me access to their fireplace, I like also befriending some village give them gifts, trade etc. When I sacrifice I try to find some nice place to do it, No hunting or sparing of Calfs, Respecting the prey- I try not to just throw the meat I consider all life precious so If I can't smoke it, trade it, I gift it, And in general when I play I try to give meaning to my character life and things he does, so not just random walking, hunting just for sake of it.

Also, the starting scenario is taken into account, culture etc.


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I like giving gifts to Sages and make sure I greet each of the craftspeople as well as a way to earn the right to trade.

I have rituals for the non-ritual items:
Reindeer antlers have to be scattered in a grove.
Seal skulls have to placed on a rock in the sea or river.
Elk antlers have to placed in a cave.

The first cut of a kill goes to the Spirits, the next goes to the dogs who brought it down.



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Thats really appreciable. Some things i do:
- As sacrificing i do it at a special place and build a little fire on some rocks or stones and then sacrificing besides it. I mostly sacifice just some flower blossoms as in my own opinion to sacrifice a lot of meat should more anger the spirits. I never sacrifice on villagers ground as that is their special own place.
- I never build my own settlement in other cultural regions than mine, as this could be counted as an ursupation when doing without clear permit. What i set me as allwed is a normal fence, shelter and cellar inside that fence as they are more or less necessities.
- I never buld more than one main settlent as this may count as excessive.
- I only seldom give gifts to villages as i would appreciate if payment for overnight i.e. could be implemented referring to how friendly the village is to my adventurer :)
- There are some other things which i just not remember immediately but recognize by doing.

Cool thread Lak95 :) Maybe it could also appear in Suggestions.


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 I feed wild lynx  :o


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Never kill a doe with fawn, kill the fawn instead. (As killing the cow would end up with starving calf; avoid unnecessary, unethical damage.
Always track down wounded animal.
(Not just role play that part, same in real life)
Gift sages and elderly with excess meat cuts.
Some of my characters donate heavily worn (Njerp drop) clothes to the semi/mostly nude kids running in the snow.
One Kuikka tribe hunter of mine is ever so respectful of elks; he throws turnips for them. He once had elk cow get in trap pit; he donated all but ~10cuts (that were all given as sacrifice) to nearby villages. Whenever he meets wolves or lynx, he builds trap line for catching them.
After he was mugged of his clothes at Owl lands by vagabonds, and had to travel to Reemi for clothes. When ever he sees adventurer type in wilderness, he stops whatever he’s doing and travels to another area in the world (he’s at his 5th cave-cabin now. Some times old cabin gets used too, especially in winter)


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Wait, can I sacrifice more than on meat or any other item at the time? When I try to do it I immediately got the uneasy message....


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Wait, can I sacrifice more than on meat or any other item at the time? When I try to do it I immediately got the uneasy message....

No we cannot make up our failures in an hour :) Hopefully. That would be inappropriate.

- I dont sell rubbish items to villages; like clothes under 50% durability from foes, loads of crafting training results like 30 inferior paddles or 30 Staffs it they need one.
- Even not weapons which they dont can handle like axes and swords when they have ability with spears. No one would buy useless things. But only at reduced price.
- Didnt dare to sacrifice a Njerp cut. Never know ...

Tom H

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I sacrifice a cut from the first kill of the day, a fish from the first catch of the day. The baked bread sacrifice I do intermittently, every couple of weeks. I take Njerp bodies to a nearby mountain and let the bones serve as a warning. My deer and elk antlers are stacked separately, totem-like, at my settlement.

My well-established characters make many gifts of used clothing items in the villages near me. I give javelins and staffs to the grownup villagers who have only knives. If I have smoked meats piling up in storage, I occasionally give some to villages, before it can spoil.

I never kill a stranger, other than Njerps and robbers. Life's hard enough in the wild. Otoh, I've always got arms and armor on or near, because Life's hard in the wild. 

My guys are not nomadic. They settle in an area and build and improve their area. Long trips are for acquiring needed or improved tools, weapons, and armor. 


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Looks like I play my role differently than most other people.

I start in a remote area, as far away from cultural regions and villages as I can. The first few weeks or months are spent exploring the area I am claiming as home, I build a couple of shelters at good hunting or fishing spots and build up a supply of food and skins and scout for a suitable site for a homestead.

I never make any offerings or perform any rituals and as I almost never see anyone I never do quests and never talk to strangers anyway. Once I have build a stock of weapons and armour I attack any trespassers, my land is not your land.

The first winter is the time to collect building materials for my homestead, maybe start building it, and I set traplines around the build site. I tend to spend one day on the homestead work, one on checking traplines, one day I travel to my remote shelters to collect stores and one day making or repairing tools, weapons clothes and armour.


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That is some cool idea Tinker,  I was wondering how fun would it be to have a kind of hermit style game, you gave me some new insights.

I was thinking about going later for combat-oriented play, as tribesmen bordering Nerps, invading their territory looting and gathering crew of several people for that kind of work, setting some raiding camps, guard dogs, elks for loot etc.

To bad, you can't really take someone as Slave


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I hope you give a warrior character a try, it takes a great deal of danger out of the combat system (which I find engaging enough to be very worth exploring), while making it harder to actually survive. Lots of roleplay options, and a very different set of common circumstances. You'll find yourself trading for food much more often, spending large amounts of time at least mildly injured, and frequently wandering around on patrol. You can choose to be hostile to different groups for different reasons, only hunt predatory animals, hunt for njerps, act as the local sheriff, or just be a peace loving vegetarian who can defend themself, but kind of sucks at everything else. Being bad at everything else is part of these characters, you'll invest so much in combat, you WILL have a difficult time surviving.

My absolute favorite roleplay follows the Not All Who Wander Are Lost starting scenario. You begin next to your dead father and burning homestead, with the ominous line that your mother is missing. From there, revenge is my sole occupation, just my javelins, my axe, and my dead father's Kaumolais spear. Every step I take is towards eventually raiding the Njerps in search of my mother, which is of course futile, as that NPC does not exist. I prefer to do this without hiring companions, as I spend lots of time in combat and it's a very personal vendetta. I don't want to get anyone else hurt, and play ritually clean, to excuse my bloodthirst.
Iiiiii juuuuust want to set the woooooooorld onnnn fiiiiiiiiireeeeeee.... Iiiiiiii don't want to start a flame in your heeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrt.
And with your admissiiiiion you feeeeel the same, I'llllll have reached the goaaaal I'm dreamiiiing offfff, believe meeeeee

Tom H

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Lolotov- I think of that scenario differently. I'm playing it as though I've been indentured out and a poorly watched fire killed the man I'm indentured to, during the trek to his holding.

I don't know where I am (could not zoom out until I found high ground) and have spent this first two months learning to build a shelter (from the wounded man quest and one I found built in a village), making some particularly poor fur clothing from a drowned bear I came across. I have not killed anything larger than a squirrel because the biggest trap I know how to make is a pawboard that the wounded man had lying around at his shelter.

The wounded man rewarded me with tales of a hidden treasure on an island. Coincidentally, an old man asked me to help him get a new punt, which I used to reach that very island before I gave it to him. So, With two master axes, 6 bags of grain, two bags of flower, some masterwork fur boots and a few bits of jewelry, the passable meat from a drowned bear, a dead man's sow and belongings, and the Fine broadknife that Father gave me as a parting gift, I mark time in a shelter, in a grove, near a village, near a lake, talking to wise villagers, improving my fishing skill. If I talk to enough hunters, maybe they'll pass on some trapping secrets?  I hope so because the only thing I seem to be good at is stripping off tree bark!