Topic: Is reindeer ranching feasible?  (Read 3142 times)


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I was thinking about trying an Owl tribe reindeer rancher character, but apparently you can't milk them.  And I'm unclear on whether they will breed and multiply.  Will they?


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Breeding animals hasn't been implemented yet, nor do reindeer provide milk. Only sheep and cows can be milked during the summer period.

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I have an owl tribe reindeer-nomad currently, and it can be a viable way to live, but as stated above they do not breed and do not provide milk.  What they are useful for, however, is carrying things.  Owl tribe characters tend to be quite small and slender, and cannot carry a lot of goods.  However, with 3 or 4 reindeer, you can easily carry everything you want... tools, furs, food, anything.  In an emergency you can even slaughter one of them for meat and hide.   For an Owl tribe nomadic hunter I consider it almost essential to have a reindeer or two, and a dog is a great help as well.  With my dog and my superior bow skill, I can easily kill as many wild reindeer as I want, and then pack them onto one of my herd animals for transport back to a smokehouse.