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« on: August 03, 2020, 12:25:10 AM »
  Hi, I started a new character to experience the fire improvements and was residing in a village with a sauna using it as a smokehouse when out of the blue the villagers threatened me for starting a fire. I had been starting fires in the sauna for a month with several villagers around and no one objected so I think it may be a bug.
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The obvious first check is to verify that the last fire actually was in the stove and not beside it, but I assume you've already checked and re-checked that.


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  Indeed I've checked the fire position, there was no other option since the only kindling and wood were right in front of me in the stove.

Tom H

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I was just chased away by villagers when I started a fire and used their sauna. I completed the Sauna task but the villagers were very threatening. My Companion was heard to say 'This is not my fight', so, I guess they were serious.


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This just happened to me with my character Anselmi. I had successfully lit fires in their fireplace and sauna before, but now I tried to light one when the embers were still burning and they all got mad at me. I can provide a save from the moment after it happened.

Code: [Select]
(143270):j8ge:[#]{0518058A}      | Things that are here:
(000000):j8ge:[2]{0518058A}      | 21 branches
(000000):j8ge:[P]{0518058A}      | Pieti the Old koivulais man
(000000):j8ge:[6]{0518058A}      | 65 firewoods
(000000):j8ge:[7]{0518058A}      | 7 blocks of wood
(147870):j8ge:[?]{0518058A}      | Items at your feet will be moved to an adjacent location or packed on an animal.
(575757):j8ge:[_]{0518058A}      | Embers from the nearby burnt-out fire helps to start this one.
(A80000):j8ge:[!]{0518058A}      | Ahti shouts: "Stop, you mischief-maker! I need to tell you something!"
(000000):j8ge:[P]{0518058A}      | Pieti starts talking to you...
(A80000):j8ge:[!]{0518058A}      | Koivulais child shouts: "Leave now, or we will have to force you to leave!"
(A80000):j8ge:[!]{0518058A}      | Task cancelled!
(143270):j8ge:[#]{0518058A}      | Things that are there:
(000000):j8ge:[b]{0518058A}      | burnt-out fire with glowing embers
(000000):j8ge:[2]{0518058A}      | 20 firewoods
(000000):j8ge:[F]{0518058A}      | Fireplace
(143270):j8ge:[#]{0518058A}      | Saving your character...
(008000):j8ge:[=]{0518058A}      | Your character has been saved.