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Playing the game for some time now and I was wondering two things, What is the benefit of having companion other from being safer during combat?

And the second one is how to I learn new rituals, from what I could see I need that Unity with nature message, I always make sacrifice but only got at ease and satisfied message nothing more, and do I need some friendly relation with the village?


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You can set a companion to work such as chopping down trees etc.

You can cause the Spirits to be upset with you by chopping down too many trees in an area, placing and pulling too many nets, fishing too many times etc. If you use rituals to help you get animals such as the fox one, it does cost you favour.  If you go to a village, the sage will approach you and say they have things to teach you or talk to you about. Then they will teach you new rituals.


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As Owlant said, rituals are taught by NPCs either as quests in themselves or as payment for quests. Your standing with the spirits probably does not have anything to do with that.
Note that you'll have to find the quests, i.e. visit villages where quests are available, without knowing where that may be.

I use companions exclusively for the game course event that requires you to get one and for robber quests. I don't use companions for labor both because I'll eventually run out of projects anyway, and because I want my character's skills to increase, and that's slow enough as it is (and the projects tend to run out well before 100%).


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Thanks for answers.

Yeaa companion thing seems like not much at least in my case, I like to wander alone hunt, trade and build my Kota.

The only benefit I could have is protection but I have my dogs for that or when one day I decide to hunt bear for first time.

I was thinking about a session where I would form a band of warriors and go some raiding that would be cool.

Tom H

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Companions will assist you to (m)ove two or more tree trunks at a time. They will also assist you in putting up a building. While their actions logging may deprive you of experience, their assistance only seems to cut down the time needed for things like building and treating hides/furs. That's very useful when putting up a cabin or performing the time-consuming task to finish off a fur.

 They may well be more skilled than you at skinning a kill. If perchance you have more than one deer, etc, to do, you could put him to work on one while you do the other. If nothing else, you'll get a good idea of how much time YOU would take doing the task, as you wait for him to finish it! 

When you have them build a fire, their fires last a good while and require no wood from your stocks. They find their own.

I've had them cook meat for me. Their skills were not exceptional. Still, it might provide you better food than you are capable of making.