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So I have finished my first Kota, but when I enter inside I was surprised to see that I can use only one part of it, as I was expecting that I can lay down using U and go to other corners in that position.

So my question is will it be enough to keep me warm for winter, as I can stay only in central part of it and not really sure where can I start a fire to keep me warm since central part will be occupied by me and I can't really start a fire in doorway of Kota, by the way, its made from fur.


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You can go into the other sections without lying down. If you build them to have an inside of kota you can sleep on them and keep the center clear to make a fire there to keep you warm. I would suggest also a couple elk furs to get really snuggly.


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Well, the thing is that I cant go in other directions laying down or not anyway, so I am not sure if I build it wrong or something..


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My guess, without having built a kota for years, is that you've made it too small so it actually only has a single tile of space in it. If possibly try to compare your kota with the ones in the game and see if yours are smaller (you might start a new character in an easy start up in the north and walk to the nearest village).

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yeah you'll need to build a bigger kota if you want to make a fire inside.  Sorry.  I'm not even really sure what purpose there is to making a 1-tile kota.... it seems like right now kotas sort of need some work, because I don't think it's really worth the effort to build one, at least as far as I know.


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Yea that's why I got bit confused, why would there be 1-title Kota if I cant really survive in it during winter.

Guess that few more innocent animals will have to die.

Yea Kota seems expensive considering how much hides I could sell and take some nice tool, but since I am Owl lets roleplay a bit :D

Thank you guys for answers.


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You can probably survive just fine in a single tile kota, provided you've got skins to bed down into, but you can't do any cooking "indoors". I suspect it's just an artifact of the kota construction logic, though.

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It isn't obvious, but the kota building components only need to be adjacent to the kota framework.  You can build a kota up to 5x5 with 3x3 worth of space inside if you have enough furs.  The center tile is supposed to be kept clear so you can build a fire there to keep warm.