Topic: Changing maximum lengh of thread/cord/... possible in recipes to 16 bits  (Read 945 times)


« on: October 06, 2019, 03:03:03 PM »
There are a few cases where you'd really want quite substantial lengths of material when crafting items. Currently this affects mods only, but once those kinds of crafting recipes make it into the game itself they may cause issues.

The cases I've encountered or envisioned so far are:
- Making a net is going to use a whole lot of material, and I doubt 255 ft is sufficient (I haven't tried to convert the old recipe yet).
- Weaving (from thread) is going to require a lot of thread. The modified mod I've used bypasses the issue by still using a weight for the raw material, rather than length.
- Knitting. Similar to weaving, the length of the yarn is going to be rather substantial. The mod modification I've tried is to use two sets of wool, each 135 ft long (and I think 15 ft for ½ pound of wool is probably too short) to get the 270 ft required for the largest wool garments.

As indicated, it's not urgent, but something that may become an issue in the future.


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Not sure this will be a problem.

Haven't tested it yet but I set the BAC net recipe to need 300 ft. My expectation is that you could assign a 255ft cord and it would then ask you to select another 45 ft from another item.

Hadn't tested it so hopefully someone can.


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No issues in sight. Then one just selects multiple lesser-than-required length tying equipment. Eg. if 1500 ft of cord is needed you can use a stack of 100 * 15 ft cords.
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