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« on: February 26, 2020, 10:37:57 PM »
Had one pop up sort of near my settlement, had never seen one before. Do they just pop up at random now? I had seen they were possible in older versions, I'm assuming they put these back in for one of the recent versions.


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wow, i haven't seen one of those in years. where are you located? if you're in no man's land, what territories are you near?


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No man's land North of Reemi, South of the water between kaumo/reemi. West Bank of the river that separates the cultured side from njerpez.


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I had one pop up in a quite similar location on 3.52; perhaps it is a more likely area than others due to its proximity to Njerpland. Mine was on an island just north of Reemi and about an hours walk/boatride from my cabin. Didn't appear until I'd killed twenty or so single Njerps and wiped out a couple of their settlements, so I always suspected the motivation of vengeance for such an aggressive location. Far more value in stripping the dozen or so reindeer hides from their kotas than looting their bodies, but it was also neat to get a few ready made buildings
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« Reply #4 on: February 28, 2020, 12:21:38 AM »
I've noticed that over long games where the character lives for a few years, you may see one or two pop up.  It used to be way more common in previous versions.


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It’d seem that in 3.52-3.62 Njerp camps spawn right outside cultural region, near to characters active area. IIRC, 2.7 or something; the Njerp camps could’ve spawned anywhere. I recall bumping into some just looking for game in “backwoods tiles” (sort of mixture between spruce mire 2/3-3/4 and heathland 1/4-1/3 in current version.