Topic: Njerpez cooking secrets?  (Read 1209 times)


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Went to check some of the traps and while getting to end of line, bumped. Well, almost. In to a Njerp. He only carried spear, scimitar and knife. So arrow to his thorax and dogs rushed in. Another arrow got him bleeding in abdomen. And another of the dogs tore his neck open.

But biggest surprise was to find that he was carrying 4 roasted black grouse cuts and 2 roasted black grouse fats ... what sorcery do the Njerps do... to roast fat?
(No skins or leathers, he must’ve butchered without skinning first)


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You can roast fat too. In the very early phase of a new character I either roast and eat the bird fat, use it to bait traps (to hopefully convert it into owl meat), or sacrifice it. In the earliest phase I don't have the time to take care of the skin, and in the marginally later phase I can use bark for tanning.

If you kill a seal, however, you'll get a lot of fat left over after the skin is tanned, and yes, you can roast and eat it.


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I’ll be. I tried that circa 2002 and recall getting “*animal* fat does not work as raw meat!”

But now it seems it does. Thanks. Guess I could’ve tried to roast some excess fat from harsh hide tanning.   :-[