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Question about companions in the newer build. Let's say you have them an masterwork axe to do the chopping ng and making of logs. How do you make them give you back your log without trading with them for it,  plus having to pay for their service time they have? I'm in a conundrum at the moment.

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I don't think that part of companion behavior has changed, so it would probably have been better to ask in the Gamplay questions section.

I rarely interact with companion inventories, but I think you can "trade" with them to take back what you gave them, with them refusing to let go of some of their private items, although your items being equipped might be an issue.
Anything you've given them that remains in their inventory when you release them from service counts towards their payment, so most of the time I don't have to pay anything extra after hiring companions for robber quests, because the pile of weapons they requested (why do they need 5 axes?) together with the food they also required is more than enough.

If you use your companions as mules to haul items you obviously have to get them to release the items via "trade". I don't know if such items (planks, small tree trunks, herbs, and what have you) would have any value when the companions are released from service.
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Tom H

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You CANNOT trade with a Companion. You CAN get items from them.

It's my experience that, once a Companion arms a weapon, or wears a clothing/armor item, it becomes part of their personal inventory and it is no longer available to get from them.


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I always give the best tools I have to my companion. In the last day I take them from him using Shift G, or what's the shortcut to get things from near you. Then I talk to him to see what does he need from me for his work. Usually give them things from Njerpez warriors.

I've never lost any tool or item to them, be it weapon or whatever I gave them to use. When he tells me that's the last day, I calculate 20 hours and upon that time I retrieve my items from him, pay the guy, and let him go. I lose a few hours of working because of that, but that's how it is.
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Ara D.

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It was an older version right before spells over haul but a companion equiped the masterwork woodsmen axe I gave him for felling trees during an encounter with a bear and I could not regain it from him afterwards. On a side note Tapio wrecked that bears world. I told him to attack he came up from behind and nearly took it's leg off bam unable to walk second strike was to the neck and ended the fight