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Mata Hari

« on: March 27, 2020, 07:23:17 AM »
Funny thing that happened: I was tanning some leather when a willow grouse enters the light lever trap protecting my berry stash. In the time it takes me to finish tanning, two other birds show up. One is gone when I finally reach the trap, one is in the trap and one is stuck flying high in the map square next to the trap with a wound to its face. It's a black grouse.  Maybe it got attached by bird #3? Anyway even as I get right next to it, it does not fly away. I try to attack it with my wielded weapon, but it really is flying. Then I throw a javelin and get it at the first attempt.

So I can't tell what happened here and if it's intended this way, but I found it noteworthy enough to make a post and share.

Code: [Select]
(143270):scga:[#]{04A1045D}      | Things that are there:(000000):scga:[7]{04A1045D}      | 7 swan feathers(000000):scga:[w]{04A1045D}      | wounded black grouse flying high
(143270):scga:[#]{04A1045D}      | Things that are there:
(000000):scga:[9]{04A1045D}      | 954 fistfuls of cloudberries
(000000):scga:[t]{04A1045D}      | triggered light lever trap
(000000):scga:[e]{04A1045D}      | escaping, seriously wounded willow grouse
(3C5A98):scga:[:]{04A1045D}      | You pick up the fine club.
(AB5700):scga:[+]{04A1045D}      | The fine club wielded as a primary weapon.
(A80000):scga:[!]{04A1045D}      | You can't reach to hit the Black grouse! It's high above your head.
(3C5A98):scga:[:]{04A1045D}      | You pick up the 2 javelins.
(143270):scga:[#]{04A1045D}      | Things that are there:
(000000):scga:[7]{04A1045D}      | 7 swan feathers
(000000):scga:[w]{04A1045D}      | wounded black grouse flying high
(AB5700):scga:[+]{04A1045D}      | The javelin wielded as a secondary weapon.
(A80000):scga:[!]{04A1045D}      | You can't reach to hit the Black grouse! It's high above your head.
(AB5700):scga:[+]{04A1045D}      | You swing your arm back preparing to throw the javelin.
(143270):scga:[#]{04A1045D}      | Aiming Zone: Body
(000000):scga:[Y]{04A1045D}      | You try to throw your javelin at the black grouse.
(000000):scga:[Y]{04A1045D}      | You execute a steady throw and the javelin flies straight at the black grouse.
(000000):scga:[T]{04A1045D}      | The javelin pierces its thorax!
(000000):scga:[T]{04A1045D}      | The black grouse drops down on the ground.
(3C5A98):scga:[:]{04A1045D}      | The black grouse seems to have fallen unconscious.
(143270):scga:[#]{04A1045D}      | Aiming Zone: Skull
(000000):scga:[Y]{04A1045D}      | You try to swing the black grouse with your club.
(143270):scga:[#]{04A1045D}      | The attack properties of the club add a slight bonus to the success of your attack.
(000000):scga:[Y]{04A1045D}      | You execute a skilled blow.
(000000):scga:[Y]{04A1045D}      | You land a solid hit to its skull.
(A80000):scga:[!]{04A1045D}      | It drops dead in an instant!
(000000):scga:[@@]{04A1045D}     | the black grouse sighs once, then stays laying dead still.
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« Reply #1 on: March 27, 2020, 12:19:53 PM »
Birds can occasionally do flying in place maneuvers, which is somewhat buggy behaviour in itself, but as this one didn't escape it's been even more buggy.
Quite impossible to say what happened there. Savegame might have revealed it. So if it happens again I'd be interested to take a look at the savegame while the bird is still alive and flying (in place).
- Sami | UnReal World creator