Topic: Pits; fill partially dug pit, leave items in pit, to be covered.  (Read 443 times)


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« on: April 08, 2020, 12:08:51 AM »
Another one where I'm not certain if bug / sugestion.

When digging a pit and taking a break, it can't be filled up; unless it's dug all the way first.
2nd, I noticed when I drop bones of dead father (unfortunate hunting trip) in the pit and then filling the pit up; the bones surfaced... good thing I didn't bury the mutilated corpse earlier in the spring (well, ground was frozen). Might've got a zombified father  :P

So, here's my request/suggestion:
    • Allow filling of partially dug pit, either from Building|Deconstruct, or add inquiry when applying shovel at the pit: Continue digging pit Y/N, and if answered N, then ask to fill the partially dug pit Y/N
    • Anything left in partially or fully dug pit should be memorized by the game. i.e. buried bones*.  And also, to allow us to stash backup items in case of robbers etc. Pushing on to Big Rocks or into trees seems like anyone *should be able* to just pull them down (NPCs won't. At least not at the moment)

    *although iron age burial tended to be stone mounds. Maybe allow cooking "robber roast" i.e. carcass buried couple feet, then bonfire lit on top.
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