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I just started playing a couple of months ago.
Enjoying the game and then I found the mods.
The mods give many newer items and components for items.
I have worked my way through a few, but others have boggled me.

My current question involves making an axe haft.
What is considered "core wood"?  I have looked through the menus and have not found any other reference to the "core wood" required to make axe hafts.

Can a "block pot" be used to cook soup/stew...?


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Those questions, unfortunately, make little sense without the context. UrW does not have "core wood", nor "block pot", so these terms are presumably introduced by the mod(s) you're trying to use. Questions about how different mods work are better asked in their respective threads.

The answers to the questions can be found in the combined knowledge of how items defined by UrW work and how the mods use the "real" items to create modded versions of them,  so it requires both UrW knowledge and knowledge of how to interpret what the mod recipes do. As I suspect it may be beyond for your current knowledge level, your options are to ask in the thread(s) and delve into the mods to figure it out yourself.


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Thanks for your response Palu.
After further delving, I have found that a "core wood" is actually a "Short quarter log".

Being new, part of the problem is knowing WHERE to look for answers.
The Wiki, the forums, and I now realize, in the txt files included in the game and mods.

JEB Davis

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It's no problem to ask questions. It's just difficult to answer specific ones if a mod is being used when we don't know what mod it is, so just mention what the mod you're using is when asking.  :)


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I am using at least the BAC mod.

Do younger animals grow up to be full sized adults over time?
Will male and female animals in the same pen eventually "make" baby animals?

How often are good eggs found?
I have been playing for a couple of months now and have only found eggs once or twice and they were spoiled when I found them. 
Any suggestions on where or how to find more unspoiled eggs?
Is the chicken coop mod I read about still valid and/or available?


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Wild animals (which are the only one that can be young) will migrate away before they have a chance to mature, and animal husbandry is a future feature, and so not available.

Eggs spoil over time, and they're laid in spring... Given their limited value as a food source in the game (virtually no change to the hunger meter) I rarely bother with them.

Check the mod/finished mods to see what mods are available.