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Mata Hari

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Here is the link to a spreadsheet that contains price values for all items in the game including modifiers plus a calculator where you enter the exact item name with modifiers and get the value without needing to search through the sheets. This is such a useful tool, helping you calculate how much you need to craft to trade for some item. Also it is full of information to anything that may influence item prices. 10/10 source, i love it.

Link to Google Docs:

I found it a long time ago (apparently it's from version 3.40) and then playing on a different computer I couldn't find the forum post any more, so here it is again for everybody.


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There are some empty lines in there. Nice job.

Labtop 215

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I think the hare fur is actually worth 40 cuts of meat, if memory serves.  I don't regularly trap small animals though.


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i think i bought my pot for more than 224 value, more like 235 or something, and i don't understand why the skin weight is 7/2.2 or something like that

please update this


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14 arrows  - Arctic fox fur
45 arrows - Glutton fur
30 arrows - Wolf fur
25 arrows - Reindeer fur
50 arrows - Lynx fur
10 arrows - Fox fur
45 arrows - Bear
25 arrows - Elk fur

I am buying furs with my arrows and not winter furs.

Hmm, snake skin for decoration and making ordinary items very expensive.
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