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Hey guys

How far from you can the traps be setup so they work? I understand that traps don't get anything unless in an active area where the character is present. Planning to surround my cabin at some point with traps, but I don't know how many tiles from it should I do it since I don't want them right near me.

Also, will the adventurers I hire get trapped in them? Or can I make something for humans.

Thank you


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I think hirelings can't get caught in your traps, similar to how your animals can't.

Other NPCs can, however. I've had a moronic NPC visitor around the homestead who first cut down a tree that was part of a trap array, and then proceeded to get caught in the trap that was no longer part of a trap array, and thus no longer visible to humans. The bugger insisted on everything being fine during the month or so he was stuck there due to injuries.
I've also found a dead trader in an isolated bear trap.

As indicated above, humans are able to detect trap fences and trap arrays, and thus avoid them, or systematically dismantle them (I've had the latter happen with a Njerp). Also note that humans have no problem climbing trap fences (although I wouldn't bet on hirelings following you over them: I haven't tried).

If you want to trap humans the traps should be isolated from each other and from trees, so you'd have to build a mine field of traps. It can be noted that traps seem to be less effective against critters who are actively attacking you, with Njerps only getting minor injuries and possibly being slowed down a little, and a wolf triggering a bear trap and then kept coming at my character (getting injured, but not stopped).


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You misunderstood, I don't want to build the traps for people. I want to build them for passive hunting, around my homestead, as far as possible but where they are still considered active, that's why I asked about the active distance.

The reason I asked about NPCs was because technically when a NPC finishes the job, he is not your hireling anymore.

So the question is still on. Which is the maximum distance a tile is considered active so passive hunting works as long as you are within that distance?
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I misunderstood the "can I make something for humans" as being actively targeting them, yes, but I also provided the answer for getting them to detect and avoid traps (trap arrays and traps being part of trap fences).

I didn't answer the distance question as I don't know the answer...


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Thank you and please excuse my rudeness. I just had to vacuum clean the house and I soooo hate it :D At least it's not my job to clean the dust  8)


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I also don't know the exact answer to your question, but I know that when you zoom into a tile, it loads a 3x3 region of tiles with your current tile at the center of that, so i'd expect you could surround your home at least 128 paces away with traps if you wanted to.

This is a low estimate, I expect you'd still get some traps activity even if you had them farther out.


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Thanks, I was thinking about 3x3 too because I have read somewhere something related to the robbers quest, where the robbers detect you from 3 tiles away.


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When you say 3x3 do you just mean the tile you're on and all adjacent tiles?


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Something like that.


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Well, 3 tiles away actually results in a 7*7 area... However, I don't know for sure how far the "immediate" area reaches.


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I haven't done that yet, but I don't have an exact figure of what shall I do. Maybe as Plotinus says, 128 paces away from my cabin. Since nobody knows the exact distance, it's trial and error, feel free to do it one way or another and let us know. I will when I am done.