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Tom H

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It was interesting to see, on Steam, the celebration of the 10,000 days-long development of Unreal World.

I happened to be re-reading 'The Compleat Enchanter' in which travelers arrived within the Kalevala and joined Lemmenkainen in a fight against the folk of Pohjola. There was the 'Elk of Hiisi' and a wall of serpents that turned out to be just magicked lingonberries, stories of enormous banquets and challenges, of deadly assassins and outsized heroics.

Fun reading these and recognizing some aspects of the game borne out.
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Tom H

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I found an Owl tribe villager named Lemmenkainen today!


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Harold Shea  ;D what a great series of books. It turns out I had stopped at Castle of Iron, so off to buy Wall of Serpents! Finnish and Irish mythology sounds like a lot of fun.