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I built a Shelter in the center of an area and made a map with coordinates  South North West Est and steps 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8. Marked all matching locations and checked them with climbing a tree.
However with no luck. I guess feathers and traps are behind the trees.

The trapping site is - at border location of coniferous forest area next to heathland in the South.

So I need to check _only_ coniferous forest tiles, which has border with heathland in the South?

I wonder if quest items are generated before character enters zoomed location. I did savegame reload few time because got injured during climbing.
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I just had this quest so I can tell you this.

There are plenty of traps and feathers in that spot, so if you pass by, it will be hard to miss them.
To find them, I walked zoomed in to the border of Coniferous tiles with a heathland in the South. The feathers were ON the coniferous tiles, bordered with Heathland.
Not sure tho if you can see an entire tile by climbing a tree, I need this confirmed, because I was under the impression that there is some area left out of your visual field after trying this. And no, I am not talking about areas with a different altitude. So just to be sure I checked a lot.

I suggest you to build/plant/see a loop snare, to understand what you are looking for. I think you will find about 5 loop snares and 20 feathers, so nevertheless it will be very hard to miss them IF you pass by them.

If I understand it right, the quest items are only generated once, when you get the quest.

Also get weapons with you, I stumbled over a wolf during this quest, luckily just one. Be prepared for little surprises. I also stumbled on a rabbit and a fox, but I let them go since I didn't want to ruin my search pattern. The wolf I had to fight tho.

Bottom line, I did it much quicker than the Robbers' quest, which was horrendous.
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This quest, done in spruce dominated terrain is not that easy, as you can have the snares in the large parts of your viewing fields that is blocked by trees, and the number of snares I've found tends to be about 3. It seems I more often see the feathers first, though.

Save scumming is not completely safe: corruption can happen.

I don't have my character climbing trees, because of the injuries you can get from falling (with the exception for dedicated combined climbing/physician training).

This quest is easier than the robber one (and, ugh, the animal in forest cover one), because the tiles to search is constrained to the matching border tiles, rather than anywhere within the area. Like StefanPravda, I usually have my character walk along the border area zoomed in.


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If you do save scumming, as Palu says, backup your save first. I made a script for me that does that, copying to a new folder with timestamp when something is amiss. Something like this: - it's character name, year, month, day, hour, minute, second. If something happens I can revert to an older version of the game, sometimes I might not see the issues soon enough and maybe I have to revert 5 versions back.


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Loop snare and feather becomes invisible behind the tree.
So with bad lack quest becomes impossible.
I faced this twice.
Would be grate if game prevented this. Or you could use ritual to remove trees which cover objects.

Or at least use file reading to define location.


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If you get annoyed at a point, as I did in the robbers quest, you can use @Night Editor Xray, and you will see through trees. But not through elevation.


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It is not even cheating, because items are invisible behind trees.
Quest could be hard but not impossible.


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Who cares if it's cheating or not :) It's your game, not a public judgement day.