Topic: After drinking out of a wooden tub months ago, I'm asked to barter on return  (Read 293 times)


« on: February 21, 2020, 06:39:33 AM »
I walked into a village and received the "you've found something to barter about?" shout. Upon bartering and asking them to remind me of what I owe them, I was told I owe them for a wooden tub of water. I vaguely recall picking up and drinking from the wooden tub briefly several months ago (perhaps I filled my skin instead? I don't recall). They did not seem upset, as if I had stolen anything; they simply wish to barter as if I still have the tub in my possession.

I have a copy of my save set aside in case it is needed.


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That ye olde wooden tub. Never forget. :D

If (water) containers are used to any extent in the village they are considered a being taken for trade.
This is an old issue which would need some addressing. No need for save, I know what it's about.
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Ara D.

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Cross post.

Ask for location of village well