Topic: Robbers quest - any new ways to find them?  (Read 4807 times)


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I've only seen robbers with the adventurer sprite

Tom H

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I just examined the robbers and adventurers in my game and have to conclude that those who see robbers as identical to adventurers are not seeing the colors that my comp is rendering. My comp displays robbers in cloak and hood of two different, dull, shades of brown and wearing a grey shirt and pants. Adventurers wear a cloak and hood of two shades of brown, too, but the colors are a bit darker than a robber's AND the adventurer's shirt is yellow while his pants are white.

As you see, the two appear quite distinguishable to me.


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The yellow adventurer is from a western culture (eg: driik, sartola, islander), the grey cloaked adventurer is from an eastern culture (kaumo, reemi). the adventurers with the blue pants are from northern cultures (seal, kuikka, owl). i forget whether koivula and kiesse are east or west.

you can see the sprites in the truetile folder: npc-eadv.png, npc-wadv.png, npc-nadv.png

Similarly, the western woodsmen have yellow-brown outfits, the eastern ones have grey outfits, and the northern ones have red belts and blue pants.


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So I'm going to take a guess here and say maybe when the robbers are from a different culture group that they're discernible, i.e. you get owl tribe robbers in kaumo land for robbers quest, if you can see them on the overland map. Maybe that's what's happening?


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Yeah, that's probably what happened. So Tom's strategy is a good one, if you have paid close enough attention to the outfits of the native culture to know when something's amiss.