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Next modding question:

I am currently working on building my own mod from the bottom, so one of the first and important things is tying equipment from plants.
Irl, plants that can be used for cordage are quite abundant, such as nettle and the garden-annihilating blackberry bramble. which doesnt mean that its easy to make quality cord.

But i ran in the the problem that my character wouldnt recognize the shrubs.
I tried different tags for the shrubs: SHRUBS, shrubs, cloud_ber, cloudberry bramble, cloudberry shrub (my test character has cloudberries nearby)

I cannot really find a valid list of tags on the web, the list on the wiki seems to be broken, many others i find do not contain the information i need or are outdated.

Am i missing the correct NEARBY_TILE: Tag?
Or is it something with the gathering mechanic... perhaps i have to mod that in the plant file?

Here's the code(in the diy_glossary)

.Gather Twigs from a wild Bramble. "Birch withe" [effort:1] [phys:hands,one-armed] *COMMON*   [patch:5]  /15/ %50% |-2|
[NAME:Bramble Twig]   

I found an unsatisfying workaround: {[NEARBY_TILE:bushes]} is working fine, but limits bramble gathering to a very restricted number of areas in the world.

Another thing is, i would like to be able to cut nettle and hemp for their Stems outside of their ripe-season. with a penalty of quantity, ofc...
And, to get really crazy, i would like all bramble cordage to be of the best quality when gathered in late spring... but that is really not important.

My fear is that i will have to mod a new plant in...

big THANKS if you can open my eyes