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I think it would be interesting if you could run into fishermen and other such boat-goers when travelling by boat/raft in larger water areas (the sea, lakes) in the same way that you can run into traders and hunters on land. I could see this being executed in pretty much the same way as on land, and it would definitely add some spice to water travel, especially when travelling in the Islander archipelago.


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I like the idea.

The problem I see is that it requires some work on the part of the NPC AI:
- They need to "own" craft and know how to use them (beware: robbers and Njerps would be able to steal yours!).
- They need to know how to fight while on a craft (drop paddle to use a bow, pick it up to move again, move towards/away from the target, possibly using a shield for protection, and NOT jump into the water to try to close the distance swimming...