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I just went to a village and found a quest I've never done before, I was told to go to another village and tell someone "the forest is humming" and return with their response, I was prompted with an option to agree to the quest, ask what the reward was and decline, after asking about the reward, I was prompted to agree or say "Sounds suspicious! What is this?" to which I was given the response. "Rest assured, nothing bad will happen to you. You don't need to know what it means, and I won't explain. Gealbu will understand, that is enough, and I need to hear his reply. So, can you deliver this message?" Has anyone gotten this quest before, is there any way to learn what this means, or any more to the quest aside from accepting it and reaping the reward of five squirrel pelts worth of goods?
UPDATE: I have found Gealbu and relayed the message, and was told to tell the original sender that the stones have been collected, my options are to thank them and tell them I'll go deliver that message, or say "this is getting sillier and sillier! What is this about?" I'm sure I'll be told the same response that they will not tell me, does anyone know if gaining favor from trades or giving items of high value to increase relation standing changes responses?
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As with most quests*, completing it will increase your standing with the village of the quest giver. (I’m almost certain the 2nd party’s village doesn’t improve village reputation, but the respondent will greet favorably to the character)

The message quest is pretty straightforward: accept it, travel to target village (if there are multiple villages close by, ask anyone if the quest giver’s requested target is nearby. If the dialogue option isn’t available: you’re not in the correct village), tell them the message. Travel back to the quest giver, tell them the response. Reap the rewards, 5-6 squirrel hides most commonly.
Only quest that’s easier is to collect firewood. Even sauna stone collection tends to need more effort.

*namely exception would be *the* bird thief.


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This group of quests (there are several message delivery quests that differ only in the messages) don't change depending on your standing (I assume you just won't get them if the standing is too poor, but they don't change when standing improves, anyway).

And I've never found out what the messages delivered are about...