Topic: Withes not for loop snares  (Read 684 times)


« on: April 20, 2020, 05:20:45 PM »
Is it intentional that a withe is not useable to make a loop snare?

The loop snare recipe is calling for "cord" specifically.

It might well be that the withe is not bendable and slippery enough to make a pull loop.

Not sure if this is as intended or an missed affect updates.


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I'd expect it to be intentional, as I have trouble seeing a withe bend that much and do so smoothly.


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I'd wager on intentional.
Withes aren't really flexible. I'd even like seeing withes needing some water if re-using them.
But the game allows them to be used with small and big deadfall traps. Bear deadfall needs rope now.But all of the deadfall traps should utilize their tying material for the frame, not on active part.

Light lever trap can get even arctic fox. But they're not as portable as loop snares. 0.5lbs vs 64.6lbs LOL
When a nomadic character migrates to new spot, I tend to go kick the traps and leave any baits used. Roleplay it as getting/keeping the critters comfortable with the structure, same as baiting non-set cage traps IRL, before hunting season.


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I remember seeing that it is intended. Withes being young trees, weaved for binding are not suitable for snares.
As I recall, was covered on a steam topic at the time.
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