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« on: March 31, 2020, 08:29:14 AM »
Just pounded unconscious small forest reindeer doe 22 times on the skull with the poll of fine wood man’s axe. As I didn’t want to damage the hide.
Thick skull.

Hauling the carcass to my raft, bumped into a lone Njerp, who carried scimitar and hunting bow with 8 broad heads. Weighing my options at 12m (6tiles) away, hit a Hide as he was sideways...

And of all things, he went to sleep there and then. Dropped hunting gear, the deer carcass and proceeded to sneak on the invader. Needless to say, his fur hood didn’t stop the axe blade nearly severing his head off.


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I generally pound my prey with the shaft of the javelin (until I manage to upgrade to spears), and yes, it takes a lot of whacks to kill them (for sleeping Njerps I use the sharp end... It's happened one or two times).


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That character died. Somehow the robbers in UnReal World are running with NODS/Thermal, yet I can't find them on their corpses.


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New breed of willow grouse...
It took an arrow to thorax, fell unconscious. Beaten with spear on skull and also both wings. Regained consciousness and took flight. WOW!


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That grouse deserves its freedom  ;D


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It flew about 120m (60tiles), roosted. Next arrow pierced thorax and it fell down dead.

I can’t risk the willow grouse uprising in revolt, if it was left to breed and sire stronger generations: whole Koivula would get conquered and renamed to Riekkola (riekko is willow grouse in Finnish)  :-X