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I live near a river and every spring the water level rises quite high, it would flood if we hadn't built such a high bank around it. If it doesn't rain for a while, the water level drops.

It would be interesting if the areas of low elevation collected water after rains and the shores of the rivers changed. It would be dangerous to build your shelter too close to the river if it was raining a lot, you'd have to build on higher ground. Valleys between mountains would also flood suddenly if there was a lot of rain.


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That would be amazing, and I think they can keep track of this sort of things with new weather model implemented some time ago.

JEB Davis

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That's a fabulous suggestion, Plotinus!

Tom H

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Great idea! I'm from Louisiana where hurricanes and the Mississippi river cause such flooding annually.  And, maybe that's why my cabins wind up on the high ground in the game,