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I`m completely new to this game, however im a seasoned Dwarf Fortress player who wants to go on an adventure of UnRealWorld

The game so far is cool, but when i go on wiki (for an example all it says is ''it can improve survival in several ways'') What several ways? Sure it might be an obvious quality improvement? Or... what?

I love going into deeper less graphical games and the wiki serves 30% of my experience and nerding out on the skill of touch would be very helpful :D

Dwarf Fortress made a pole similar to this and it helped out tremendously. Anyone can write and add up to the wiki so the veterans of the unrealworld might aswell improve the lore of the game! (Especialy the culture descriptions)

I don`t know if im delirious or oblivious to what i just said, just got picky on the touch atribute lmao. sorry if i come off as stupid


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 Hi the official wiki is found here: