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I am still alive just caught up renovating!

The house was last decorated in 1982 and had been abandoned for a couple of decades or... 3.

I have purchased the place with it's contents and settled in with the cat pride. Now it is winter, and I am stuck indoors during my free time, I have realised have never seen so many shades of brown and cream in my life. I have a bit of DIY knowledge and always repair old than buy new.

So I started with the bathroom. Subsidence has happened at some point and a section of the tiles came off the wall... maybe a decade ago. I started there.

Awl and chipping hammer in hand, I am clearing tiles and old plaster which is falling off the wall. I cleared out a section and figured I would pop by the forums to prove I am still alive.

Am I really trying to do something other than clear up?


Anyway here is a cute distraction called Honey.

Any ideas on colour schemes or tips on tiling, plastering and paint would be kindly recieved!

Owlant X


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Honey is of course the supervisor.


Perhaps you could do a light blue upper wall with large green triangles representing a forest.


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Yep Honey is the supervisor cat. Ignore the fact she is drooling down herself. She is just happy. To be fair, I always wondered how some of my previous bosses managed not to drool down themselves.

I was going modern with bath surround as a darker tile colour and light grey around the rest of the room.

Today's job list is final clean up for the section, PVA layer, plaster then recaulk.

Mixed the PVA and water equal amounts/ 3:2 Ration roughly.

Applied the coat.

This will keep the dust when plastering and allow the plaster to dry evenly.

Leaving it to dry as I update you. I am doing section by section mostly because I am one lady and I am on a budget.

Also my caulk broke. The container. So I caulked the caulk and hopefully I can use it after it dries.