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Pardon my noob question but what I can do when I lost my dog which had valuable items on him.

I had 3 dogs, we encountered an elk and ordered the dogs to attack. Stupid idea, I realize now.
I did not find the elk and only two of my dogs returned or were found.
Jack, the dog, had my most valuable items, all kinds of axes. They were needed for building the dream cabin;(

Searched the dog, or remains of it for about 30min, I do not feel like trying more.

The game world still has the dog, I guess:
{07410605}      | Items at your feet will be moved to an adjacent location or packed on an animal.
{07410605}      | You start packing items on Jack.
{07410605}      | You packed the 19 arrows on Jack.
{07410605}      | You packed the woodsman's axe on Jack.
{07410605}      | You packed the splitting axe on Jack.
{07410605}      | You packed the carving axe on Jack.
{07410605}      | You packed the broad axe on Jack.
{07410605}      | You packed the masterwork knife on Jack.
{07410605}      | You packed the fine shovel on Jack.
{07410605}      | You packed the sauna scoop on Jack.

Last time I seen Jack:
{08440603}      | SHOUT A COMMAND TO: Dog called Jack
{08440603}      | ANIMAL COMMANDS: Jack: Attack
{08440603}      | "Attack, Jack, attack!"
{08440603}      | You run.
{08440603}      | The bull elk seems alert.
{08440603}      | You run.
{08440603}      | Bull elk flees.

What can I do? Should I give up? What are you past xp with these kinds of situations?
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If you return to the overworld and zoom back in, I believe your animals spawn next to you. I could be wrong.
If that doesn't work, I can analysis your save file for you later, or someone else might be able to assist you.

Another thought, if it happens you aren't able to retrieve your dog, you could replace your items using my mod tool's inventory editor.
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Tom H

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I lost one dog when I sent it after a hare. Changing map modes didn't work for me then.

I've lost dogs that got injured in battle and fled. Recovered several of those, too, by following the blood trail. The wounded dogs that flee will KEEP fleeing until their injuries fall below a certain level.

The problem with your lost dog, I think, is that the elk could have fled through 2 or 3, or more, areas and be way out of hearing range. I've hunted down many wounded animals and often they travel long distances before they tire.

The dog might have become too injured to return. I've had 3 dogs injured trying to bring down a large elk, which I had to chase down and finish off myself.

The most northern tribes sometimes offer a hunting horn, in trading. That could be worth seeking out. I don't know that it's more effective than just shouting, although logic leads one to expect this.   


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Apart from using hacking to locate the dog ('s remains), you ought to follow the elk until you find it, the dog, remains of the dog, or indications of the dog having gotten wounded and fled.

It also ought to be possible to zoom in from each of the world tiles you think the elk/dog might be in/cross through and shout for the dog. Unfortunately, it seems UrW dogs have a poor hearing on par with humans, so if you don't hear it bark back it shouldn't have heard you.
It obviously take longer in UrW time to zoom out move, zoom in... than move on the zoomed in map, but it takes less player time.

Ara D.

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If the game says jack cannot reach you when you zoom out congratulations jack lives. I would build a temporary camp where you are. I've had almost all my lost dogs return on there own given a day or so provided they can move. However if the game sends no message about jack being left behind, then jack is likely dead or you have moved beyond where he can find you