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I know it wouldn't necessarily be a "mod" per se, but have members of the community ever considered compiling a collection of character portraits that can be open-sourced for use by the community?



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I have 'added' several portraits for my own play, but do not have rights 'copywrites' to distribute them.
I think I recall the existing may have been donated by roleplay players.
To help is it's own reward.
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I am sure there are some LARPers and/or Cosplayers from the community who might be interested in providing his or her own photos for use. (Getting permissions, etc. is also likely relatively easy.)

JEB Davis

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Sami has requested folks to contribute new character pictures in the past.
I believe the intent was to include them in the game, but there wasn't much response back then.
If you have connections to the people you mentioned, I think you should go for it!

Dmytro Ankudinov

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I was one of the folks that had answered to Sami's call back then. I submitted several pictures and voila! ended up as a playable character. I'm the guy in the green linen shirt.  :)

I had an idea about making several Njerpez pictures - Sami requested eastern european/russian-looking guys, so I considered I could make several pictures of the people that satisfied Sami's request, especially after I put my red linen shirt on them! See attached one such photo. I never came back to Sami with these potential Njerp pictures, but it may be of some interest to you. :)