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This is Tobejas. He wants to go home.

Tobejas' home is to the south-east, where I have an active quest

To get home, Tobejas needs to go North-west, wade through a tiny bit of water, and then go mostly south, then follow the lake counter-clockwise (west) until he's below it, then he can go east and north to his village. But the hardest part for Tobejas is these 10 metres of wading. He is not sure whether the 8 metres of wading are more risk to him than swimming south-east but they both seem really risky so he is just hanging out by the shore for days. He could zoom out and use the wilderness map, no wading needed, but he doesn't know how. I left him alone for some days and came back for him, he's still here.

When Tobejas told me he was leaving, he first tried to go south-east but he saw there was a lot of water, too much for him to swim. So he followed the coast line northeast for a while. He didn't get stuck in the trees; I've cleared a single ring around the edge of my property. but before he was all the way to the northeast edge of my tile, he changed his mind and headed southeast again. He never got as far as the 5 tiles of water he'd have to wade through.

I can provide a save if you like it.

Tom H

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Aye, I've seen this on multiple occasions. Having hired a Companion while far from home, the spring thaw came and when the Companion left my service he was unable to detect a passable route to return home.

I've had a Companion follow me halfway through a ford, stop on a rock in the middle of the ford (the ice was too thin to hold us, so, we got wet), and dither for a long period before I finally got him to finish the crossing.

I've had a Companion leave to return home and get stuck for weeks standing next to a road. He was very close to his village yet got stuck.

This mostly seems to be a problem when negotiating water.


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Yeah, water is difficult, but players are likely to build settements by water, so it will come up a lot.

One of my companions in another game drowned after he left me, he was a bit too bold about trying to swim and drowned just a few tiles from the opposite shore; i followed him in on a raft.

I offered to rehire Tobejas and walk him home but he doesn't want to be hired right now.