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Is there a way to find a particular item in save file?
Dont want to cheat but just interested where I could put it.
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Yes, I've seen people mention it, including how to interpret locations, but I've never done it myself.

Tom H

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I once lost a valuable load of furs when a pack of wolves surprised me with my animals. I didn't realize I'd lost a cow until I'd traveled a long way and then had to find a way to locate where I'd encountered the wolves.

So, you look in the msglog.txt and find a message created at the time you last used the item. There will be a 8-digit code which is interpreted as the x-y coordinates. Compare that location to your present location and do a little math and you can return to the last location of the item.

I THINK that's what you were asking. If not, forgive the longwinded reply!!

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I once lost some extremely important items, and were able to recover them.

more details here: