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« on: October 07, 2019, 04:11:51 AM »
Do animals like birds and hares need to step on the section to steal meat and berries or they can steal from connected section?

From this perspective.
Is it enough to put one trap on the cellar?
Or it is better to put more on connected sections?



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While not sure if they need to be on the tile or next to it I normally put loop traps or simple levers around the cellar. About 4-6 along with the trees and some fences (that small animals can get through).

With this method generally the meat from captures exceeds the food they steal.

I've never actually tried putting a trap on the cellar. Never occured to me to do that.

Tom H

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Maybe it is not significant, but, even with a trap on the cellar, you can still remove items and put in new items. Perhaps it is the same for thieving animals?