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In the 3.60 Beta a note is:

- fixed: being able to wear fur footwear with shoes or boots already worn

  ??? Not sure why this was considered a flaw needing to be fixed.

Raises the question about layering to stay warm in the feet during winter. Do not winter trackers put layers on their feet?

Could you add a fur over sized boot. One that is sized to slip on over top of the boot?

Short term I might mod it in.

not entirely sure if I've had to go do layers. Mostly it would impact early characters who lack cloth or linen to make the wraps (aka socks) to go inside boots.

I found it the same for hands. Frost bite for even semi-established characters when they have stacks of furs to make options out of.


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I've always found it weird - leather boots plus fur footwear?  ???

This change could make things harder in the coldest part of winter, but:

- it makes wool socks a necessity. The problem is that they are rare. That's one of the "good problems". For mods it's easy to solve.

- an elk fur (maximum warmth) with "winter" and "masterwork" modifiers might be enough even without socks. We've got to test how protection changes with quality.

Yeah, a low-skill start with rough fur footwear will make deep-winter travel around impossible. Which is a jump back to URW's past, where winter was truly scary.