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You love 'Braveheart' the classic movie? Then you might also love woad paintings, too!

1. Woad Agriculture
You can grow woad plant. In Real life they have been harvested date to the Neolithic in Europe, mostly in Germany, France, and England. Their leaves can be used as hemostatics for injury and of course, unique blue dye which called as Celtic blue or just woad dye.

2. Producing woad dye and dyed linen
Woad can be simply produced. For just woad dye water, you need to boil it with 'Cook' skill just like other herbs, add some ash to make it alkali (Nowadays dyers use soda ash instead but in former day people used wood ash instead), and keep pouring it between two pots for oxidize it. This will make natural blue dye water and linen or wool skeins can be soaked into it. To refine into powder (to itemize it), you may need additional process like,

3. Whats that for?
Although Woad itself are not directly useful in survival, Woad powder can be used as valuable light-weighted currency, and dyed skeins or clothes are much expensive.  Even Foreign traders prefer them! You can build up your property during boring Winter season if you are willing. Woad powder also can be used as 'War paint', works with specific ritual. This slightly strengthens player's battle ability during a day.

※ I know, linen weaving didn't added in game yet, but who knows? Sami would add it someday I suppose :)


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While not in the vanilla game there are mods with weaving and making linen a version of which is in the BAC mod.

You could mod up the addition of a woad plant, a few step for making the dye and converting a swath/bolt of linen into woad-dyed linen or blue linen with a higher value score.

If you went modding that is.