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Thanks for the links and information, this is making me more interested in reading up on regional differences in this time period (Finland, Sweden, Denmark, etc.)


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One thing that always wondered me, and I have no clue about - wouldn't apples have been a natural plant in Finland at these times?

The sources I've read suggest that wild apples may have been around, but probably could only grow in the southern region. And people may have cultivated a few other fruit trees (damson, cherry, etc). But the growing season for them is short. Maybe that means smaller than average fruit?

Sources: (caethan pointed this one out)


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Love the mod!

I never was able to understand modding urw too well, would I add this in a new txt file? Specifically, flora_seafood.txt?


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would I add this in a new txt file? Specifically, flora_seafood.txt?

Thanks for the feedback. As I understand it, you can add it to any existing Flora file, or create a new one like you mention. It just depends on how you want to keep track of original vs modded content.


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Hey run37.

Although you posted this mod out in over half a year ago, I just wanted to let you know that I enjoy it quite a lot, and I wanted to share some custom tiles graphics I've made for it, so people are not forced to use mushroom graphics for it.

The graphics are made in a way, so that, unlike mushrooms, won't show any signs having being "picked", so they won't have those red spots left afterwards, after you pick up a crab, that was based on the noaldi mushroom. Anyone is free to used them if they desire. I will however point out that I am in no way a graphical genius, and it's not exactly pretty  ;D


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Hi ModernNorseman,

Thanks! And that still puts you several steps ahead of my own current artist capabilities!


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Thank you once again for a great mod run37!
Since I use this quite alot in my collection of mods, I decided to give the graphics another overhaul, if anyone would fancy that. Now there is a clear distinction between the objects in the water and after you have "picked" them and drops them at the ground, and the models have been adjusted a bit. I have however edited a little in the mod, so everything spawns in water and not on the shore, since that would probably make the graphics worse.

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