Topic: Smaller characters should use smaller clothing/armour  (Read 779 times)


« on: June 23, 2019, 12:13:21 AM »
Currently character has 5 possible body sizes. I would say that clothing should reflect this and have also a size. Larger items should weight more and cost more, while smaller items should be lighter and cheaper. You can wear clothing of different size but there would be penalty to your actions and/or its effectivness depending on size difference.

This would help smaller characters with their limited carry weight, while it would somewhat reduce supremacy of 120+kg Kaumos.

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I think items of unusual size should cost more as well.  Meaning, that very small armour is not necessarily cheaper.  Armour would have to be more common as well though to some extent, because otherwise you'll end up with severe difficulty finding appropriate armor to wear (you'll cut the available good armour by 1/5)