Topic: Can you equip companions with different weapons?  (Read 1037 times)

« on: June 11, 2019, 04:44:43 PM »
I've tried "Delivering Items' through chat, but most times my companion won't equip the new weapon until after I've discharged them, and I see him again in his village. Just curious if there's a way to do it quicker lol. Thank you

Tom H

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I wonder, too, if the weight limitation of the NPC, whose stats we are in the dark about, may have an effect on which weapon and/or armor they choose to use?

For instance, how great a malus will the NPC accept if his burden exceeds his strength? Will he ever choose to wield a weapon with which he has little skill over one with which he is a master?

I was once told that NPCs never use javelins. Is that the only weapon they disregard? What is their preference for armor? Metal, fur, leather?

Such mysteries rob me of sleep in the night... that and the occasional rustle.

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Well said Mr Tom.
The NPCs do wear clothing based off something cause I"ll give my boys gear but they knit pick what to wear on their own. Prolly safe to say the same goes for choosing weapons.
And I'd love the ability to request my armor and/or weapons back after their service. Some times I'd rather keep the weapon and armor for the next sidekick  ;D   


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As far as I've seen, they never use throwing weapons (like javelins and rocks), at least not for throwing, and when I gave a henchman a weapon he was good at he still kept the one he didn't have any skill in equipped.

Tom H

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Hmmm, I've seen a lot of Njerps RE-arm with javelins that I've thrown at them AFTER they dropped their own weapon. Never seen them throw a javelin back.

I've had npcs that wear 3 or 4 armor pieces that I've given them. I've never seen one wear a full armor complement, possibly because of the weight. Btw, once they've started wearing it, they don't take it off.

I've had npcs that arm with the shields I've given them. These have used dagger or sword, not 2-handers.

On occasion, I've traded a number of armor pieces to an 'old man', or a 'tradesman' type in a village. Then, as I watch the text, I see them putting on piece after piece. They don't arm a weapon, however.