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Broad Knife vrs Hunting Knife


Labtop 215:
Small question...  I know I've been playing this forever, but I'm wondering.  Which knife is better for getting more cuts of meat vrs which one is better for getting hides?

I've always thought that the hunting knife is better for getting more meat while the broad knife is better for getting higher quality hide.  Yet, if I have an equal quality hunting knife and a broad knife, I always use the broad knife.  If butcher an animal for meat, I use a broad knife.  If I skin the animal for hide, I use a broad knife.  If I do any hide work, I use a broad knife.  What is the point of the hunting knife if it isn't good at anything specific?

UrW uses the "first" item of "equal" quality for a job, so if you shift the knives in your inventory (e.g. by dropping and picking up) I'd expect the broad knife to be used for skinning and the hunting knife for butchering, i.e. a broad knife is the preferred tool for skinning, while butchering only cares for knife quality, but not type (possibly with the exception of a stone knife, which may be deemed unsuitable for the task, and tends to be of a horrible quality anyway).

I suspect a hunting knife is a better weapon than a broad knife (although I wouldn't chose to use a knife for fighting).

It can also be noted that the Fishing Knife has no preferred use at all currently (it would presumably be used for cleaning fish, but that task is currently abstracted away in the game, which sort of results in the lack of fish cuts).

Dungeon Smash:
I believe the only advantage of the Hunting Knife is for fighting.  Broad knife is preferable for all processing/crafting tasks.  I'd have to go back and look, at one point someone compiled all the damage statistics for weapons.  However, that was years ago and it may have changed.  But I do remember that Hunting Knife had a higher stab damage.

IIRC Hunting knife was more likely to have bleeding wound results than a broad knife. Which for a hunter means the animal dies from blood loss vs multiple openings in the hide.


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