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I am working through the tedium of a long winter and was thinking on music in the game.  I thought I had a wonderful idea to suggest player craft-able musical instruments.  I went to the development list (http://www.unrealworld.fi/urw_development.html), and lo and behold, they were there as a future goal.

I do know that modding can add in instruments right now as objects.  I love the idea of making drums, flutes, various stringed instruments, etc.. 

But I'm talking more about craftable instruments having some function above just a craftable object.  They would have some effect in the world in addition to a sound effect.  That got me thinking to the Shaman Duel video (http://www.enormouselk.com/?q=media/video) or other Enormous Elk videos and how instruments might affect a player's use of magic or spells in the world, friendliness of villagers, traders, etc..

Got to say, I still love this game and where EE is taking it.

Maybe you could do things like construct an instrument and play it to make spirits appear, for example? Using drums and dancing to enter altered states in order to converse with the spirits is pretty common theme in most primitive cultures, and the noitarumpu is central to shamanistic cultures of the northern regions; the challenge is to figure out an in-game effect that would enhance the game in some meaningful way, instead of being just a nice gimmick.


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