Topic: Bird Thief does not know location of new quester  (Read 157 times)


« on: February 26, 2019, 10:18:46 AM »
A rather minor issue:

I've performed a Bird Thief quest fairly recently (about 3 quests ago or so). As I came to a village looking for a new quest I was allowed to ask for the location of Apro, and also was informed that Matti needed help. I located an unknown villager approximately where Apro should be, said I was looking for Apro, asked how he was, and told him he deserved being punished for stealing birds (without revealing who'd put the hex on him). Neither on the first, nor on subsequent attempts did he recognize Matti had a quest (nor allowed me to ask for Matti's location, but that's typically available only after being informed Matti has a quest for you).

As mentioned, it's a very minor inconsistency, as there's no shortage of other people to guide me to Matti, but the bird thief ought to know of the village's quest.