Topic: Extreme Slowdowns with NVIDIA G-SYNC  (Read 155 times)


« on: February 21, 2019, 03:19:13 AM »
The problem I describe in this thread: seems to be caused by the use of the NVIDIA G-SYNC on my machine. When G-SYNC is off the game runs fine, when it is on, which is always, the game slows to an unplayable crawl. G-SYNC needs to be on because every other application on my PC uses it, so I can't just turn it off.

Saiko Kila

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Hm, and why won't you disable G-sync for this particular program (UrW.exe)? I don't play UrW on G-sync enabled system, but I have a computer with it, and it doesn't "play" well with many applications, so it has to be disabled for them.

I suppose the problem is that G-sync tries to decrease refresh rate of monitor to your FPS output, which in case of UrW is like in single-digits values usually, and very variable. This of course would create an issue. Depending on whether you play in window or in full screen, and on version of drivers (like everything in nvidia drivers a particular behaviour changes depending on their version, and newer drivers may bring old issues back), you should be able to disable it in one way or another. Sometimes G-sync engages silently despite being disabled for an application in the Control Panel, you then have to use Nvidia Inspector or other tool to disable it for real.