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« on: February 26, 2019, 01:26:07 AM »
Anyone know what kind of bait works for aquatic fowls like kuikka?

Is it raw fish?

Also, has anyone tried if seeds work as bait for small animals like grouses and hares? I have so far only used turnips and berries and found that they worked, i.e. captured animal with bait consumed. I was wondering if anyone has tried using seeds before and if they work.

Ara D.

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In the berry bait was that for hare, bird or both? Also was it a trap with berries or did you trap a berry bush?


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Placing berries in a suitable trap is useful for catching birds. I've had grain "harvested" in my farm plots, presumably by birds, but I've never tried (or at least not succeeded in) using seeds as bait.

Once I've had a small predator (don't remember which of the rat icon ones it was) enter a trap and eat a spoiled mushroom (it wasn't spoiled when I baited the trap). My character saw it as it happened while working on something nearby, including seeing the animal eat the mushroom (and yes, it was an edible one). However, that's the only time mushrooms have been used successfully.

Tom H

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I have caught 3-4 kuikka this warm season in snares set at the water's edge (river). That's 4 traps set a few steps apart. Initially, they were baited with fresh lingonberries. The berries have gone stale but the kuikka have still been taken in the traps, WITHOUT eating the bait. So, it's possible they are simply stumbling into the traps randomly.

In the very early game, I used the free handfuls of seeds given by the missions to bait snares, successfully. Again, the bait was NOT eaten by the catch. It may be that seeds cannot be consumed by animals? Anyway, SOME seeds seemed to work while others never caught anything, so, again, it may have been totally random stumbling into traps. In fact, early on I have set snares with NO bait at all and had good success in places with a lot of bird activity.

For hares, turnips are so successful in my snares that I stopped trying mushrooms (which never caught anything). Also, I bait heavy deadfalls with turnips and have caught many deer/elk in them.

When I see owls and hunting birds, I bait with raw meat and have had good success.

Regarding the traps, almost all my bird catches have been in snares. Only rarely have I had a bird caught in a paw board trap. Likewise, only rarely have I caught a hare in a paw board trap.