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When a quest involves multiple people, the secondary person remains as a person you can ask for the whereabouts of when the quest is finished by reporting to the main quest giver. This entry is cleared once you have talked to the secondary person, though (and that person doesn't have any quest related entries in their dialogues). I've encountered this with the bird thief quest as well as the robber quest (where the bird hunter and the witness remain respectively).
As the dangling info doesn't cause any trouble and clears itself when the secondary people are spoken to it's more of a quirk/inconvenience than a bug, though.
Note that I haven't had a case of any failed multiple people quest with the current version, so I don't know how that behaves.

Also note that both of these cases were with the latest version, so it's not a case of the remaining people from old quests in the previous version: as far as I have seen all those cases have been fixed.

Edit: No, the second quest can't be the bird thief one, as I've gotten that one again, and the old bird hunter disappears after I've given him the bird. Looking back at the quest log, it must have been the Forest Maiden one, with the gossip girl being left dangling.
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