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« on: February 03, 2019, 08:41:26 PM »
Hey everyone,

Sorry if this topic have been discussed before, I just can't seem to find an answer.
Do we have any text parameter in flora modding, that makes for example, a mushroom never spoil? I've tried adding [SPOILAGE_DAYS], but it does not seem to have any effect, and things will keep spoiling. Anyone know of such a thing?


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If you do something in cooking you can get the spoilage to be changed. There is a dried mushroom recipe that was merged into the BAC project.

As for in the flora creation for a "raw" mushroom I haven't heard of it.

You may already have the wiki pages. For reference they are:

The wiki Modding page is

Modding plants is

but a text search for "spoil" didnt find anything

Im inclined to think its not a controllable parameter at this point.


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Thanks for the answer Brygun, and for giving me an extra pair of eyes on checking on the matter. I've come to the exact same conclusion. But yes, it seems we just have to quickly process the plants by cookery to make them unable to spoil  :)