Topic: Tag for Nettle and Linen only?  (Read 4386 times)


« on: January 24, 2019, 04:08:20 AM »
So, the [Cloth] tag allows you to use and textile for leather to nettle. We also have the [Animal hide] tag that lets you only use leather and hide. is there an equivalent that lets you use any cloth except animal hide?

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Nope. Unfortunately there is no "this or the other" mechanism in recipe modding unless they share a name. For instance, {* linen} will accept both Hemp linen and Flax linen. You can't specify the XOR (exclusive or) on the ingredients, so something like Cotton linen would also be accepted.

Some of the vanilla interactions are hardcoded, though, so not all "cloth" will be accepted there as [Cloth], and there is no way to define new tags.

It would be cool if we could define some of those categories, even if we had to be verbose about what it applies to.