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And if I understand it correctly, the sea saami were located in what's now Norway, along the Atlantic coast, not in Finland along the Baltic. I don't know to what extent the Finnish saami fished in the Baltic, but they'd be bound to run into pre-existing coastal populations in many places (after all, human settlement tended to extend along the coastlines), but whether (and, if so, how far) the population from Scandinavia extended into the Finnish coastal areas at the time I don' t know.


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But don't fishes already exerrt a lot of pressure on a fishing rod? If a <10 kg fish is hard enough to tame alone, won't a beast 15 times its weight (at least) not make a puny owly go flying through the air? I don't think the fact that it's in water should make any difference

I think I read that there used to be seal hunting on the baltic sea. However, from what I could gather it consiated of finding the seals near the breathing holes or bits of ice and chasing or spearing/clubbing them, usually in the spring.

There seem to be people who seal-hunt in the 21st century without guns or harpoons, making use of that special club-like weapon. They jump around the ice to get to the seals, it seems

Are seals fast in-game when in land?


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There are seals in the Baltic, and coastal people have probably hunted them since people arrived in the area during the stone age.

Seals are reasonably fast on land in UrW. If you position yourself between a seal and the water you may be able to get two or three whacks at them as they try to get to safety, but I don't think any of my attempts resulted in actually being able to kill one before they got away. Also note that seals don't tend to go far inland (which is rather reasonable). Bear or pit traps placed where the seals enter/exit the sea can catch them, though.

Ara D.

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The feel of a ten pound fish may be large due to the fact that your holding on to a pole which from a phyics stand point acts as a lever that you are on the wrong end. Also I sport fishing we like to use line rated for near to the weight of our tagert fish, at least I do, makes it way more fun when to have to play the fish instead of being able to yank it out. Now when it comes to your puny owl lifting that seal out of the water no going to happen. Once again I have no idea of the strength of a seal in water I'm just saying that the pull of a seal in water compared to a similar weighted land animal is significantly less


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I asked Sami about using harpoons back on the old forum somewhere. From memory, what he told me was that angons were used to immobilise seals, not as much by physically dragging them by a rope but because it's a large heavy object impaled in them. He also told me that since the game doesn't have a way to have animals impeded in this way, you can't use angons in the intended way in the game (and I can tell you from experience that in the game even crippled seals can crawl into the water and swim away, taking your missile weapons with them).

It's one of the things I would really like to see added in the game, because with the way I play seals are an important food source. Right now I use traps to catch them, which isn't really accurate but I don't have the accurate means for catching them available to me, so here we are. It is possible to catch seals by active hunting, but you normally have to have multiple goes at the same seal where you wound it, it goes underwater, it comes back and you wound it again, until you finally kill it. This is possible because they like to return to the same spot over and over, which also makes trapping them super effective.