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Brygun of the BAC here

During recent tests for tech levels within the BAC mod I found that having


as a recipe item didn't work.

I was hoping to access our various mod built things that use "Cord" as a base object.

There is in the BAC things like "split spruce twigs" which IMHO are good enough for tying up meat and low quality loop snares. I had hoped to use {*cord} for things with cord in their name to be a better quality tech level.

For that to happen, at the lower tech level, I had needed {Cord} to accept items with the cord base object.

I don't think this is a bug as there isn't a problem with the vanilla game. So I've put this in the suggestion forums.


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Just verified in v3.52 (stable) there is no issue with {Cord} being detected and accepted as an ingredient.

If you make something else like:
.6branches. "Cord"
{Branch} (6) [remove]

It will not be detected or accepted item 6branches as {Cord}
It will however be accept 6branches as {Rope} and {Tying equipment}
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